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Making Change Happen

Business Growth Packages

Cost: $250 each

1. Maximize Business Potential

A thorough review will be undertaken of your business and opportunities to improve performance will be identified.  Technology needs, business processes, environmental requirements, people resources and financial operations will be examined. A list of improvement opportunities and recommendations will be documented. The outcome will be a  report detailing recommendations for change to maximise your business potential, offering opportunities for efficiencies and increased profits into the future.

2. Business Change Delivery

If you already know what changes you need to make to your business or you have had the Maximize Business Potential review undertaken, then making the change happen in the most efficient and effective manner is the purpose of this package. Agreeing the changes needed and then breaking them down into  manageable components that fit together is no easy task. The changes will be examined and plans and timelines created for each and every agreed change; identifying the resource needs and supporting you through the change process to realise the benefits to the business.

 3. Workforce Development Analysis

Do you currently have anyone working for you? Are you thinking about employing someone? If so this is  the package for you.  We will examine the right time and methods to develop your workforce.. The implications of increasing worker numbers are considered and profiles are generated for future growth and efficiencies. A Report on your workforce potential will be provided and details on how best to realise each of the scenarios  proposed. Recommendations on organizational development and effectiveness will also be provided.

4. Planning for the Future

If you feel that the business has stalled then is it probably lacking direction. It may be performing well enough but  is not developing. If this is where you find yourself then it is likely that you are lacking strategic direction for the business. We will work through identifying your business’ vision and mission. We will create a mission statement and develop corporate goals to make that happen. You will also gain  insight into what delivers your business and have excellent information to feed into business plans and future marketing literature. What better way to promote your business than with a clear vision and mission statement?

5. Getting the Most from your People

When you have one or more employees, or even a contractor working for you, it can be hard to define how best to manage them. You may have no experience of managing people, and even if you do it is likely to have been in a very different situation. Examining your current workforce activities, we will develop ways to measure and monitor their performance. We will also look at clearly defining their role  and your expectations of them. We will discuss best practice in managing people, how to motivate and build working relationships and recognize success.  

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