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Effective on boarding & induction for new employees

Since the first day is accompanied by apprehension feelings, the employer needs to appreciate this. His objective is to get the new employee as productive as possible. The following is what the employer needs to do during the induction.

  • Prepare for the new starters arrival and welcome them so as to create a good first impression.
  • Chat with them and ensure that they relax .Tell them how you think they will fit into the business  and how great it will be to work with them.
  • If someone else will be managing them, introduce them to him/her.
  • They should be shown where the bathroom is, where to get refreshments and how to enter and exit the building on their own.
  • Show them the area they will work in as well as the team they will work with.
  • Don’t leave them to interact with the team unless it is appropriate.
  • Show them the team and introduce their first names, briefly explain what each person does don’t describe the job yet.
  • Have a buddy for them to turn to , someone who will take time in showing them how to get things done and where to go for stuff in the work place.
  • Ensure that the legal requirements are well covered. The Fairwork Act sheets in Australia for example, or Health & Safety forms in Europe.

By the end of the on boarding session, they will be tired. Be considerate and allow them to go early without a penalty on this first day. After the first day, be prepared to respond to questions from them. They have no knowledge of the workplace and working processes, so it is expected that they will take this opportunity to ask for more information and learn more about the job and everything that happens around the workplace.

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